color fan decks

Explore our color fan decks, full-page or stripe-coated

Explore our diverse range of color fan decks, tailored to meet every design requirement. Whether you’re a professional or a brand, our selection of full-page and stripe-coated fan decks is engineered to enhance your color selection process. On this page, we'll not only introduce you to our top-quality products but also explain what paint sample fan decks are and how they can enhance the way you work. 

color fan decks

Our color fan deck products

Whether you're seeking a broad, clear view of color options or a detailed, side-by-side comparative layout, our full-page and stripe-coated fan decks provide the ideal solutions. We offer continuous updating of color systems by incorporating the latest colors launched in the market, ensuring you have the most current and comprehensive selections at your fingertips.

Here’s a closer look at these two distinct styles, each engineered to enhance your selection process in unique ways.

Full-Page Fan Decks

Due to their practical utility, our full-page color fan decks are the perfect tools in both technical and professional fields. Typically constructed from paper, they are also available in a variety of other materials including wood, aluminium, and PVC, accommodating different settings and requirements. 

Additionally, these fan decks can be produced in bespoke formats and are fully customizable to align with specific customer needs and preferences, ensuring that each client receives a product that perfectly fits their requirements.

color fan decks

Stripe Coated Fan Decks

Constructed with multiple color stripes on a single page, these strip-coated fan decks provide a convenient way to display a broad spectrum of colors, allowing for easy comparisons and enhanced visibility. 

They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring that each deck is perfectly suited to the user's needs for both functionality and aesthetics. This flexibility in design and customization helps cater to diverse professional and personal applications.

color fan decks

Choose different materials for your color fan decks

Color fan decks can be crafted from various materials, each offering unique benefits. Popular choices include coated and uncoated paper, which are excellent for displaying true paint hues. We also offer options in wood, aluminum and plastic, catering to specific industry needs and ensuring durability and long-term use.

In addition, we specialize in the formulation of a diverse range of colors, including solid, metallic, mica, and pearlescent shades. Our expertise allows us to create vibrant, eye-catching colors that add unique finishes to any project. Whether you're looking for the deep richness of solid tones, the shimmering appeal of metallics, the subtle sparkle of mica, or the iridescent glow of pearlescent, our formulations are designed to meet the highest standards of your color palette in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal.

color fan decks

Our supply services

Our expertise does not stop at producing high-quality color fan decks. We also offer tailored supply services to meet your specific needs. 

Additionally, we offer the convenience of ordering products and storing them at our warehouse, which can lead to significant savings in space and improved organization for you. Order your samples, and we will store them for you, and mail them worldwide whenever you require. 


Choosing the right color fan deck manufacturer

Selecting the right manufacturer for your color fan decks is crucial. A reputable color fan deck manufacturer will not only provide a range of high-quality products but will also offer customization options to suit your specific requirements. At CPE, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver both standard and bespoke solutions in the realm of paint fan decks, and more.

For more information on our samples or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us. We are here to help you bring your color visions to life!