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Visual tools that contain a wide range of colors, of different intensities and nuances. They are used in various industries, from automotive to general industry to construction and interior decor. 


We realize all your projects: creativity has no limits

Send us your project and we will create it faithfully to your instructions.


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In addition to the production of color sampling, CPE provide its customers with a range of services.


We specialize in the formulation of solid, metallic, mica and pearlescent colors.


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Storage & Assembly

We have extensive storage facilities for your products.


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System Updating

We update your color systems by incorporating the new colors that are launched in the market.


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Mailing service

We ship your products worldwide.


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Quality and control

From concept to color sample, the production process involves many different specialists and departments. There are many control criteria for each stage in order to maintain the highest quality standards and meticulous attention to detail.


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Based on an original color standard provided by our client, our color specialists use the latest and most specific equipment to mix and verify the shade until a perfect result is obtained. The color is then applied to the paper using equipment capable of faithfully reproducing the application technique that will subsequently be used in production (coating or spraying).


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