Immagine e testo

Who we are

Color Project European (CPE) is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of color sampling located in northern Italy. Since 1994 we have been producing color samples for all types of applications and sectors such as automotive OEM and refinish, decorative, industrial, powder coating and wood finishes.


Production is carried out among facilities in two locations:

Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) where we find:

  • 4 laboratories (decorative, formulation, coating and spraying) employing 35 colorists, 24 of whom specialize in the reproduction of effect colors (metallic and pearlescent).
  • 7 production lines: 2 coating, 1 spraying (single-sheet) and 4 with the dual option of coating and spraying.


Chignolo d'Isola (Bergamo) where we find:

  • Assembly, finishing and packaging department: color sheets are processed to make the various types of samples.


At each production site CPE respects the environment and involves all staff in this commitment.